Give me love

Give me love
I will give you love
Give me separation
I will give you love
I am a perfect mirror

What you give
Is what you receive
What you receive
Is what you give

Poem by Kundun / poème de Kundun

What we are we become

From darkness to light
From chaos to organization
From ugliness to beauty
From ordinary to perfection

From hate to love
From egoism to compassion
From “I am” to “We are”
From lies to truth

From complexity to simplicity
From the finite to the infinite
From separation to unity,
From the mind to infinite consciousness

We are,
We become

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


What you really are, you feed.

You feed emotions of what you are
What you eat is what you are.
Drink love,
Love you will become
Drink separation,
Separation you will become.

Depending on what you drink
What you are will change.

Stay in the flow of the river of love
And become this flow.

Your environment
Is very important
The people,
The places,
The thoughts,
The projects.

All other universes
Have a great impact on you
Choose the universes close to you
Because them
You become.

The more you are aware of the universes
The more you are enlightened
The more you are sensitive to the truth
The more information and knowledge
You perceve,
The more you are aware of.

That is why
It is vital to understand
The universes around you.

What you imagine,
What you understand
Is a part of your universe.

Whether or not it is the truth is of no importance

Because what you think
Reality becomes
Anything you think.
If you think you are in a paradise with good people
There you will be.

Feel the love inside everyone
Love you will drink
Love you will eat.

Your actions or thoughts
Are what you are
Are what you become
Be careful what you think
Be careful what you do.

Like a transparent mirror
Like a chameleon
You become
Your environment.

It could be other beings
Or other universes.

Choose what you drink,
Choose what you want to be.

Understand who you really are
And move
To the right place
In the flow of love
And wait.

Will be fine,

Flows naturally.

Infinite wealth,
In this river of love

You need,
You ask,
The world for,
This river of love

Understand the beings
Understand the universes
Around you
Share with them,
Love them,
Become them,
Be in the present moment

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

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